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The most impactful way we get people hooked on aviation is by inviting them to the airport. Our events provide an unforgettable experience for the entire family.


Scholarships - Student Pilot

We encourage individuals who are involved in their school or community and interested in pursuing a career in aviation to apply for an A&C scholarship.


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Your generous gift to Airplanes and Coffee illustrates your commitment to our mission of growing a passion and participation in aviation.


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Join the most rapidly growing aviation community and gain access to exclusive member programs, resources, and benefits.

Discovery Flights


More than 700 people have discovered the world of flight through Airplanes and Coffee events and our free discovery flights.


Sponsorship Opportunities

Get in front of more than 190,000 passionate aviation enthusiasts as an A&C partner and help sponsor our events.

Inspiring the LOVE of flying

Through education, events and scholarships our mission is to provide all age groups with the information they need to pursue an aviation career.

You probably already know that the airline industry is dealing with a shortage of the pilots and mechanics.

Airplanes and Coffee has dedicated itself to an ambitious series of events to reach more people to educate about the opportunities and inspire them to get involved in aviation. We can not achieve our goals without you so please join us.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is a fly in?

A fun event at the airport where anyone can come learn about aviation, view many types of aircraft, meet pilots and mechanics….and possibly go on a free discovery flight. Did we mention the complimentary donuts and coffee?

What's included in the membership when I join?

You will receive an official Membership Card with your designated membership number, as well as an Airplanes and Coffee sticker.  Join Now.

How can I donate?

Support A&C with a monetary gift. You can choose to make a one time or recurring gift. There are several options to choose from. You may donate online by clicking here. 


Can I donate an aircraft?

If you would like to donate an aircraft to Airplanes and Coffee, please contact the Operations department by calling (214) 817-4367.

How do I sponsor an event?

If you are interested in sponsoring an Airplanes and Coffee event, please contact the Operations department by calling (214) 817-4367.

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  • Holding more, bigger, and better fly-ins
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  • Visiting schools to introduce aviation as a career
  • Providing more aviation scholarships
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Membership benefits include:

  • Members Only Card
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Airplanes and Coffee Reviews

"I've never been to a fly in before. I loved it. My wife and I loved watching all of the airplanes come in and take off. It was a great experience."

Lyle Leads

"This is an organization founded on passion for aviation and it is no surprise to see such amazing growth. Truly a group dedicated to sharing aviation to young and old alike. I'm proud to be a member."

Dan Millican

"Airplanes and Coffee has changed my life. I am now pursuing a career as a commercial pilot."